Classes subject to cancellation/change | Zoom Passcode: HERITAGE

There will be a calendar at Villa de Mahogany to show you when these classes are offered.

ABS & GLUTES | This class will strengthen the “king & queen” of sport. Abs and glutes are the drivers in rotational sports like golf & tennis. This class conditions the core & more (level 3-4)!

BARRE | This dance-inspired workout utilizes smaller, incremental movements at higher repetitions to bring the muscles to fatigue. Don’t let the small moves fool you, this is more than a ballet stretch class (level 3-4).

BONE BUILDERS | Move and laugh your way through this class. Join Ana for this chair-based strength training class utilizing weights, bands, and other exercise equipment to stimulate bone growth (level 1-2).

BODYWORK | All the fitness mixed into one. Exercises can be scaled back or dialed up to match your intensity. Heavier weights and more challenging moves involved, but this class is all about the hard work you put in (level 3-4).

CARDIO | Tried and true aerobics with low impact, this class will use a mix of light weights, bands, and balls to an upbeat playlist, with plenty of singing and encouragement from Sandy (level 1-2).

CHAIR BARRE BLEND | This aerobics class incorporates smaller movements and combines seated and standing exercises (level 1-2).

CHAIR PILATES | The traditional mat class utilizing the chair, this is the perfect prep for a floor Pilates class (level 1-2).

HATHA YOGA | A gentle, traditional yoga class with smooth transitions from posture to posture. This class is a great option for those just starting their yoga practice, as well as those looking for a gentle review (level 1-2).

MEN’S PRIME TIME | This one is for the guys. Prime Time targets the major muscle groups through a variety of complex movements and hits other facets of fitness like cardio, core, balance, and flexibility. Sore muscles are expected (level 3-4).

MIXED YOGA | A blend of the more rigorous poses, Sun Salutations, and order from Ashtanga mixed with other gentle elements, join Lauren for this uplifting yoga class (level 2-3).

MOVEMENT & MEDITATION | A gentle blend of stretching and guided meditation, this class gently moves the body to soothe our mind and muscles. A guided meditation

further reduces stress and can be done from either the mats or a comfortable seated position (level 1).

PILATES | Named for its founder, Joseph Pilates, this practice emphasizes postural alignment, breathing, core strength, and muscle balance. The workout (level 2-3) consists of low impact movements designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and endurance (level 3-4)

QI GONG | Focus, breathe, move. Qi Gong employs a set of stretches and movements to alleviate joint and muscle discomfort and improve body awareness (level 1).

TABATA HIIT | 20 seconds “on” 10 seconds “off”, this class includes multiple, high intensity rounds covering a variety of bodyweight, dumbbell, and banded exercises. A quick hit of fitness (level 3).

TOTAL BODY STRETCH | A combination of dynamic and static moves, this class is great for all different fitness and flexibility levels. Balance, bands, and rollers make an occasional appearance (level 1).

WATER WORKOUT/AQUA BARRE | Get fit and stay cool! Our water classes are a great way to improve your fitness while minimizing strain on your joints. Each class offers a different spin, join each instructor for a different experience in the water (all levels).

ZUMBA | This class is a combination of Zumba and Zumba Gold (low impact choreography) featuring upbeat Latin, Pop, & Hip Hop music (level 2-3).